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New Hartford Location

Please note: orders placed on holidays or special occasions will have a longer wait time

If you're having a problem with placing a delivery order because of time allotted, please call (315) 736-4549

New Hartford Menu




Mild | Medium | Hot | Garlic | BBQ | Honey Mustard

Everything 1.25 extra | For 50+ add 2.50

Bleu Cheese or Celery .85 each

Split Wing Charge 1.25


Large Pizzas are cut into squares unless requested otherwise

Upside down pizza available.

Regular Toppings
Pepperoni | Sausage | Ham | Mushrooms | Sweet Peppers | Hot Peppers | Banana Peppers | Onions | Red Onions | Black Olives

Premium Toppings
Roasted Red Peppers | Broccoli | Bacon | Meatballs | Fried Chicken | Anchovies | Eggplant | Spinach | Ricotta | Tomato | Pineapple | Steak | Double Cheese

Specialty Pizza



New York Style Calzone

Made to Order with Mozzarella

Cold Subs

Try your sub toasted.

Choice Of Condiments:

Lettuce • Tomato • Onion • Red Onion • Black Olives • Hot Peppers • Banana Peppers • Pickles
Red Roasted Peppers • Cucumbers • Hellman’s Mayo • House Made Italian (O/V) • Balsamic Vinaigrette • Hot Pepper Relish • Mustard (Yellow, Spicy, Dijon) • Chipotle Ranch • Pesto Mayo • Horseradish Mayo • Salt & Black Pepper • Oil • Vinegar • Green/Sweet Peppers • Oregano • BBQ Sauce • Honey Mustard 

Choice of Cheese:
American • Swiss • Provolone • Mozzarella • Parmesan

Add to any sub- bacon, extra cheese, extra meat for additional charge

Hot Subs


Comes with a plain bag of chips


Served with Garlic Knot

*Served with Choice of Meatball or Sausage

Fish Fry

Fish Fry served every day with French Fries, Cole Slaw, Tartar Sauce and Lemon


We proudly serve Pepsi products.